Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from my first visit?

You can expect to be in the clinic for approximately one hour. During the first appointment, you will begin to establish a partnership with Dr. Bassett and gain an understanding of her approach to naturopathic medicine and her role in your health. Sheʼll discuss your medical history in detail, inform you of any recommended labs and offer strategies for restoring your health through a customized treatment plan.

Before your appointment, you will need to complete our New Patient Paperwork. We have found that when you allow ample time in a home environment to complete the forms, it allows you to thoughtfully contemplate your health and your goals for working with Dr. Bassett.

If you have medical records from other practitioners that would help us with your care, please download and complete the Release of Records Form. Follow-up with your provider from whom youʼve requested records to make sure theyʼve been sent before your first appointment. In our experience, this can sometimes be a timely process.

What about follow-up visits?

15-30 minutes in length, follow-up visits allow for any modifications needed in your treatment plan. Frequency of follow-up visits is dependent upon your particular health concern. Initially, you may see Dr. Bassett once per month. As you continue to eliminate symptoms and address the underlying physiological and emotional imbalances contributing to any chronic condition you may be experiencing they often become less frequent.

Can Vitalia order blood tests or imaging?

Yes, Dr. Bassett utilizes both conventional labs and naturopathic labs, based on functional medicine ranges.

Can Dr. Bassett prescribe or refill pharmaceutical medicines I may need?

Yes, in Oregon naturopathic physicians have an extensive formulary similar to that of your MD.

If I live long distance or can’t make it to the office for another visit, what are my options?

Dr. Bassett offers tele-health in the form of phone consults/skype/email.  Ask us how to get started.

Will my insurance company cover my visit?

More and more insurance companies are listening to the request of their members to have alternative care coverage. Dr. Bassett is on many insurance panels that offer alternative care coverage. If your insurance company does not cover naturopathic services, we highly encourage you to contact them and request that they consider doing so.

Will you communicate with my existing health-care provider?

With your consent, we are happy to work with your other healthcare practitioners. If there are any pertinent records you think would be helpful, please download and complete the Release of Records form.

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